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We offer a variety of fonts, may that be the retail types we release for general sale, an existing typeface modified to your liking or a fully custom font from scratch.

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Check out what is new at Kulturë! We ocassionally update the site once new releases have been introduced.

Neue Striktus - Display Typeface FREE

Striktus is a type we've been working on for a long time, initially inspired by the Dadaism movement and recently updated to match the current type era. It is the long lost brother of Perandory.

Paketa - Grotesk Typeface

Inspired by the actual name (Paketa) which is a box. This is where the general feel of the type was taken, a geometric box like feel with sharp corners and turns.

Check out some more late releases.

Digitopia 2.0

The simplified version of Digitopia! Reborn & ready to rumble, we introduce Digitopia Sans 2.0. Our latest curvy type piece.

Gogoli Grotesk 2.0

A reworked version of our infamous Gogoli Grotesk. We've tweaked a lot of things, starting from the glyphs and the curves.

Trafika Sans 1.0

The Sans brother of Trafika Mono. Keeping it classic with a nice & hybrid type. Features experimental letters and sharp turns.

KT Projekt Grotesk

Born out of the need for a simple yet subtly fun grotesk. An old release that we've given a second shot at life. Has quite a lot of inktraps.

Adding fresh fonts to your collection is always a nice idea. We've got you covered when it comes to funky fonts. Featuring a variety of releases, we offer everything from Regular Sans Serifs all the way to Experimental Blackletters.

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Want to get all of the goodies for a fraction of the price? Say less. We've recently released a Font Pack that features everything, 16 types and 2 bonus asset packs.

We have a Font Pack for deal lovers.

Some previews of what is inside the FP 4.0

Because we all were students, we know how tough it may be at times. We offer up to 50% off for students who want to purchase our products. All we require is a valid proof of identification.

50% discounts for students!

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